Monday, March 10, 2014

A Cabin in the Woods Wakes Up

Lying half asleep on my cot, I hear the first stirrings of the day as the sunlight peeks into the cabin.  Those first rays of sun are accompanied by the chirping of birds, and soon followed by a cabin waking up.  Yes, truly, it seems as if the cabin themselves wake up each new day at summer camp.

First the rustling begins as campers move about half asleep on their cots.  A blanket slips onto the floor here, a sleeping bag doubling as a comforter swishes over there. Next comes the all out tossing and turning of campers, as one by one sleep drops from their eyes and their eyelids flutter open.  

Soon a book or a flashlight can be heard hitting the cabin floor with a thud as it is knocked from a cubby amid the restlessness. The clunk leads to a quiet giggle, which is accompanied by a whisper across the bunks and soon thereafter the quiet “thump, thump” of stuff animals being tossed from one bed to the next.

The giggles quickly compound and the chirping of the birds fades into the background as whispers and muffled giggles ping off the cabin walls.  A footfall on the wooden floor and the pitter-patter of small feet heading for the cabin door tap past my bedside as I keep my eyes closed, enjoying the sounds of a cabin coming awake.

As the cabin door creaks open, the reveille bell simultaneously rings out and the whispers quickly turn to happy voices and a cascade of laughter.

A cabin has awoken in the woods of Maine.

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